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3 Things to Leave OFF of Your Resume


Too much information is a real thing. Feel free to leave these three things off of your resume for best chances of success in the business world.


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Not everything in your background must be part of your resume.

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1. Short-Term Employment

If you had a job for a few weeks, you may want to not include it. Short-term jobs might raise red flags for recruiters. Evil HR Lady at CBS Moneywatch points out that a resume is not a life history, including every good and bad thing you have ever done, but rather, a list of relevant experiences and skills that make you the best fit for the job.

On the other hand, once you are in the interview, you have the opportunity to explain any gaps in your resume. Do not tell lies, but do not dwell on the negative or it could cost you the job.

2. Unrelated Work Experience

Alison Doyle at encourages job seekers to keep their resumes on point and relevant. This means that jobs that are not related to the position you are applying for should not take up space on your resume.

Instead, use that valuable real estate on your one-page resume to highlight your experiences and education that make you the perfect candidate for the job. Sometimes volunteer work is relevant. For example, volunteer hours in an animal shelter may be relevant for a position in a veterinarian’s office, but telemarketing as a job might not be relevant. 

Remember, you always have the opportunity to answer questions, fill in gaps and impress the hiring manager after you successfully secure the interview.

3. Pictures

On social media, pictures are crucial: that headshot on your Twitter account and profile picture on your Facebook page show everyone what you look like, and make them care more about what you have to say. The hiring manager at the company you wish to work for does not feel the same way.

Photographs and personal details (such as height) do not belong on a resume. It looks unprofessional. Unless you are applying for acting or modeling positions, including pictures of yourself, such as a headshot or profile pic, could cost you the job.

Tell Us What You Think

What other things would you leave off of a resume, and why? Leave us a comment or join the conversation on Twitter.

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