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Would You Apply for Jobs on Your Phone?


One-third of LinkedIn members who view jobs on the professional networking site do so through their mobile phones, and the company is now betting that they will be willing to apply for jobs through their phones, as well.


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Their latest app update allows users to apply for jobs using their LinkedIn profile, in place of a resume attachment. The changes roll out to iOS and Android users today, and follow a series of improvements to the company’s mobile strategy, designed to help users manage their job search process via their mobile devices instead of their (often employer-owned and -monitored) desktops and laptops.

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It’s all good news for people who are conducting their job search on the sly, while sneaking time away from their current full-time job, but will users feel as comfortable applying for professional opportunities as they do, say, ordering a pizza or a pair of shoes?

LinkedIn has made the process of using the app as simple as possible:

1. Download the app here.

2. Searching for jobs by clicking the “Jobs” tab and entering a few keywords.

3. “Apply” to or “Save” each listing, provided the company allows direct application through the app. (As InformationWeek points out, some companies have “Apply on Site” listed next to their post.)

4. Edit your profile, if necessary. LinkedIn prompts users if their profiles aren’t complete.

5. Confirm your contact information and submit.

The app then suggests other similar jobs, or allows users to review their past applications and saved jobs. For visual learners, there’s step-by-step tutorial on Slideshare:

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