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Who Are the Fortune 100 CEOs? [infographic]


So we know that typical CEOs are tall, white, first-born men named Peter, Bob, or Jack, but what about their educational credentials? Thanks to Forbes and N2Growth, we now know a lot more about where CEOs come from — especially the folks at the very top of the corporate ladder.


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The infographic below parses Fortune 100 CEOs’ education, military service, and demographics. A few observations:

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– 92 percent of Fortune 100 CEOs are men; 92 percent are white.

– The mean and median age for top CEOs is 57.

– The top school for both undergraduate and graduate degrees is Harvard. While undergraduate degrees are varied, the top graduate degree by a clear margin is MBA. (57 percent.)

– Only six out of the top 100 served in the military at all. Three were soldiers, two were sailors, and one was a Marine.

So there you have it. When you picture the typical top CEO, visualize a 50-ish white man named Peter, with a few degrees from Harvard on his wall and a background in the private sector. Or think outside those parameters, and visualize a less homogeneous future.

Fortune 100 CEOs | Demographics, Education, and Career Path

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