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What Time Is ‘On Time’ for a Meeting? [infographic]


If you’re an early bird, you know how annoying it is to wait in a conference room while the inconsiderate jerks you work with take their sweet time getting to the meeting. And, of course, if you’re always fashionably late, you know how pitiful those “get the worm” types are, fuming over their iPads while they wait for the important folks to show up. So, wait — is there a right time to get to the meeting?

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There is, and according to College Humor, it is either right on the dot (if you’re an average employee) or five minutes late (see “power move!” below).

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Of course, before you take this at face value and toddle into your next meeting halfway through the first PowerPoint, we should also point out that they’ve determined that 15-plus minutes of lateness essentially makes you the CEO. Which, if you want to try that, go ahead. We are somewhat skeptical that the natural consequence of that behavior is getting an office with a door — unless you count the HR office, where you’ll be waiting for your heart-to-heart talk about your future with the company.

When to Show Up for a Meeting

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(Infographic Credit: and College Humor)

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