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What Does Your Cup of Joe Say About You? [infographic]


Your morning cup of joe might reveal more about you than you think. Check out this comically accurate infographic to see if your coffee fits your personality. You may be surprised to find out that you’re more of a “latte” than a “frappuccino” after all.


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The Doghouse Diaries hit the nail on the head with many of the “coffee personalities” listed in its infographic below, and the best one was definitely saved for last:

“Expresso – You’re clever, annoying, or both. You knowingly or unknowingly mispronounce eSpresso. Either way, I hate you.”

(Infographic Credit: The Doghouse Diaries)

And, we all know one or two of those “triple espresso” individuals who seem like they never sleep, are always working out, and, as the infographic states, “have been awake since the late ’90s.” If you’re one of them, don’t worry … you’re probably extremely productive and are awesome at giving high-fives to complete strangers. The world needs more people like you, really.

So, what does this all mean for professionals? Nothing really, but it was fun while it lasted and it gave you a five minute break from the minutia of the day. Right? Tomorrow, switch it up a bit and see what an americano or fancy macchiato can do for your day. You never know, making a change in our coffee of choice might just be what you need to get you through the week productively.

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