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The Stats on Summer Work Schedules [infographic]


Summertime isn’t all about fun and play, it can also bring about new work opportunities. The infographic below from When I Work notes that 29 percent of employers plan to hire summer employees. It also seems that summertime is tends to be the season when employers start looking to fill permanent positions, since 67 percent of employers said they would consider keeping summer hires on for permanent positions.

The average wages for summer employees is on the rise. Sixty-six percent of employers had plans to pay summer hires $10 or more per hour. Eleven percent will be paying $16 or more per hour, and 9 percent will pay $20 or more per hour.

There are also many lifestyle benefits for summer hires. Getting seasonal jobs instead of working a permanent 9-to-5 keeps you on your toes and stops you from getting stuck in a rut. Since seasonal jobs can be found just about anywhere, you can use this as an opportunity to travel and see something new. It also gives you flexibility, which is especially great if you are in between semesters at school or in between permanent jobs.

Learn more about summer work schedules in the infographic below.

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