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Quora Question of the Week: What Is the Sexiest Thing About Your Job?


When you think of your job, does the word “sexy” come to mind? According to the Quora community, that word takes on a whole new meaning when you find people who love their jobs. Take a look at what these Quora members find “stimulating” about their careers.

sexiest thing about your job

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As it turns out, women are much more “turned on” by the typical man-in-uniform and Fifty-Shades-of-Grey kind of sexy when it comes to their occupations. While men revert back to their inner child and childhood heroes as they drool over rocket ships and blowing things up. As the saying goes, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” and, boy, does Venus know what she’s talking about when it comes to bringing sexy back at your 9 to 5 job.

(Ahem.) Gentlemen, wait your turn — ladies first. These Quora femmes hold nothing back when they divulge the most satisfying aspect of their professions. 

Bianca N. Diesel, who works at a Veteran’s Hospital, says the sexiest thing about her job are all of the beautiful, brave, and buff veterans clad in their military uniforms that frequent the hospital. Diesel states, “I’m getting old but those young muscular men just wandering around the hospital. Sheewwweeee!” No need to explain, Bianca. We’re pretty sure we understand what you mean here.

Sonnet Fitzgerald says it loud and proud, “I’m a freelance writer, and I work from home […] So I can work naked.” Amen, sister. We’re pretty sure that letting it all hang out helps with writer’s block, too. Right? Clothing can be a bit impeding at times.

Anonymous – “I write explicit sexual stories for a living. There is very little that isn’t sexy about my job.” If this is anything like the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, then we are green with envy of your let-your-imagination-run-wild career.

All right, gentlemen, you can have your turn now. Get ready to geek-out and high-five each other over some really awesome sexiness that has little to nothing to do with the female anatomy whatsoever. Enjoy.

Tristan Kromer says, “I work with tech startups. While the male-to-female ratio doesn’t exactly skew in my favor, the girls are wicked smart, cool, and will occasionally whip out a LOTR quote while flirting. This may not appeal to everyone as sexy, but for me a good-looking girl with brains beats out a girl with helium giggles every time.” We like Tristan because the sexiest part of his day-to-day are the educated, nerdy, accomplished ladies he encounters here and there. Is it possible to clone humans yet? Because we’d love to have many more Tristans in this world.

Adam Breslin reminds us that men never outgrow the child-like desire to blast random things when he proudly states, “I get to shoot big guns and blow sh*t up.” Touche, Adam. We’re positive you’ve just tugged on the heartstrings of billions of men and boys around the world with that answer.

Rudy Tan, a fermentation engineer at DuPont, says the sexiest thing about his job can be summed up with, “Have you seen the labs in Spider Man? I work with that kind of equipment at work.” Labs, dungeons, caves, and the like are for sure at the top of the your-job-is-ridiculously-awesome list.

If you’re Robert Frost, who is an engineer and instructor at NASA, then you definitely take the cake for sexiest job in the world because he has a Saturn V rocket outside his office. It’s a given that having a job within the aerospace industry is, by far, the coolest job ever because you get to sit next to rocket ships, talk to real-life astronauts, and push all of those crazy buttons on the crazy dashboards that you see in the movies. “Houston, we have a problem.” No we don’t, because we know Mr. Awesome Frost is on it!

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