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Engaged vs. Disengaged Employees [infographic]


Do you find yourself checking your phone every five minutes while you’re at work? If so, then it seems that you are like millions of other American workers who have “checked out” while clocked in.

happy employees

(Photo Credit: mabohamo/Flickr)

According to tibbr‘s infographic, effectively incorporating social media into a corporation’s internal communications seems to be the key to creating an engaged workforce because it encourages interaction amongst colleagues, creates a sense of community, and promotes a more efficient way of working in a team setting. 

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If you’re wondering whether you’re an engaged or disengaged employee, consider the following facts for each in the infographic below:

Engaged vs Disengaged Employees

(Infographic Credit: tibbr/

The numbers don’t lie. If your company doesn’t see the benefit of incorporating social media into its internal communications, then you might want to pass this post on to the executives who sit in fancy corner offices with their doors shut because they apparently didn’t get that memo. Encourage a “social” workplace both on- and offline because it could help you ditch the I-hate-my-job attitude like “Jake” in the infographic above and be more like happy-go-lucky and successful “Katie” instead. Just food for thought.

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Do you find yourself turning to your phone every five minutes to escape the misery of your job? If so, would a tweak in your employer’s internal communications policy make a difference? Share your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments section below.

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How will me bringing social collaboration into my workplace decrease Jake’s desire to use his facebook and to look at his phone.  The two are completely independent from my perspective.

I have a social workplace and employees still go on their facebook and phones because they are addicted to themselves and the internally focused culture that appears to be everywhere in society.

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