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Can Women Succeed in the Tech Sector? [infographic]


When women become leaders at tech companies, it’s big news. This is partly because of the role they have in changing both their companies and the work world — see Sandberg, Sheryl, and Mayer, Marissa — but it’s also partly because powerful women in tech are still somewhat rare.

women in tech 

(Photo Credit: Mike Licht/Flickr)

IT Manager Daily recently published an infographic examining the barriers and success stories of women in this sector.

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On the success side, we have inspiring women like Sandberg, Padmasree Warrior of Cisco, Esther Dyson of Electronics Frontier Foundation, and Ginni Rometty of IBM. There’s also compelling evidence that the skills needed can be acquired by anyone willing to learn. (Plus, more women than men currently get master’s degrees — six out of 10 degrees awarded go to women.)

On the barrier side, many fewer women than men study computer science-related subjects, and even when women go into these fields, they’re paid less — sometimes as much as 18 percent less, according to the infographic.

There’s plenty of reason to change all of that. Tech companies with women in management have 34 percent higher ROI than companies with all-male executives, and three of the best-paying jobs for women (computer programmers, computer & information systems managers, and computer software engineers) are in technology.

women in technology 

(Infographic Credit: IT Manager Daily)

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