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Americans Are Working on Vacation [infographic]


Hey, everybody, want to get super depressed? Well, it appears that in addition to taking less vacation time than we should, Americans are also working straight through the vacation they do take.

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A recent infographic from TeamViewer and the Huffington Post showed the many ways in which we cheat on our holidays with work, including:

– Reading work-related emails: 38 percent

– Taking work-related phone calls: 50 percent

– Receiving work-related text messages: 24 percent

It’s not all our fault, either: 20 percent of those surveyed said that they were asked to do work on vacation by a boss or a client.

Regardless of who’s making us work on vacation, it’s a bad idea for both our happiness and our productivity. Studies have shown that working too much can actually lead to lower work output, and that people who take vacation live longer and have better quality of life than their hard-toiling counterparts.


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