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Americans are Craving Meaning at Work [infographic]


Americans spend at least a third of their day working, so it’s no wonder more and more people want to make their work hours meaningful. The infographic below illustrates how much Americans covet the ability to incorporate their personal interests into their careers.


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Selecting a career that puts food on the table and feeds your needs seems to be an impossible feat that only a select few are fortunate to attain. But, as the infographic (based on the Philips Work/Life Survey) below points out, 68 percent of Americans are willing to ditch their higher-paying jobs for a chance at a career that allows them to apply their interests into their professions, and we don’t blame them. 

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Money may seem enticing in the beginning, but just as a pretty girl with no brains gets dull after a short while, so does a dead-end job with an attractive salary. Additionally, an astonishing “96 percent of Americans, regardless of their career stage, believe that applying personal interests in a career would make them happier,” said Dana Stocks, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Americans are Craving Meaning at Work

by borisbenko.
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