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3 Tips to Get You Through Hump Day


It’s the middle of the week and you are starting to feel a bit burnt out after starting the week off super-productive. It’s not quite close enough to the weekend to get you excited, but your brain is already counting the hours until Friday evening. You’re in a mid-week slump. Here are three tips to help get you through hump day and make for an overall productive week.

1. Start your day by refocusing. Go over everything you have accomplished in the week already and then go over all the tasks that still need to be completed before the weekend. Take time to adjust your to-do lists and and focus your mind back on work.

2. Get a change of scenery. Leave the office for a few hours to work out of a coffee shop or a coworking space. The change in scenery alone can help boost your productivity and get your creative juices flowing again.

3. Plan around your slump. If you simply can’t get yourself to focus on Wednesdays, use this day for events like lunch meetings, team building and career-building activities. It will give you a nice little break from your day-to-day, and will help you feel ready to work again on Thursday.

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