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3 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss — Even If You’re Friends

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The lines between home and work are getting ever blurrier, so it’s not surprising that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a work-friend and a friend-friend. When the work-friend is your boss, things get even stickier.

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A recent article on reminded us that no matter how close you are with your manager, there are some things that you should never, ever say, including:

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1. “I’m so hungover.”

Any variation on this statement is not good. In general, you want to avoid making it sound as if you’ve ever been less-than-prepared for a full day’s work, even if it was before your time at your present company. Definitely don’t let the boss know if you’re operating at under 100 percent because you were out partying just last night.

2. “I sent you a message on Facebook/Twitter/etc.”

It’s hard enough to keep track of the work-related messages. Even if you hang out with your boss after hours, don’t send them company messages on their personal accounts. Let them pretend that one corner of the internet still belongs to their personal lives, even if we all know better.

3. “I need a raise.”

Even your BFF/boss can’t help you get more money just because your living expenses are higher than your salary. If you need and deserve a raise, come armed with information that will enable your boss to make a case for you. That’s good advice, whether or not you’re friends with management.

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