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Which Company has the Most Loyal Employees?


Gone are the days of working your entire career at one company and retiring with a gold watch and a champagne send-off. Today, the average worker spends an average of 3.68 years with a company.So which companies boast the employees with the longest tenure?


In our latest data package, we crunched the numbers to find out which companies had employees who were in it for the long haul and which companies had employees who jump ship early on. 

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Most Loyal

Who made the top 20 list? Eastman Kodak tops our list with an average employee tenure of 20 years. Other companies include CenturyLink and General Motors, with average employee tenures of around 10 years. 

Least Loyal  

Many companies experience quite a bit of turnover, for a number of reasons. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company tops the bottom of the list, with average employee tenure of less than a year. Other familiar names include Inc and Google, Inc., with employees sticking around for just around a year or so. 

Loyalty vs. Tenure 

This data package has been interesting for us, mainly because of the challenge of quantifying the definition of loyalty. Many factors influence how long a person might stay employed with a certain company. Perhaps a company hires mostly younger, new workers. Age demographic definitely impacts how tenure might appear to outsiders, for example. 

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