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The Pumpkin Plan Provides 7 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur


Author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz has created a surefire plan to realizing your dreams of owning your own successful business. He calls it The Pumpkin Plan, and it includes seven steps to turning your business into a success.

Step 1: Plant the seeds. Figure out what your natural strengths are and use them to your advantage.

Step 2: Feed your seeds by selling yourself and your idea as much as possible.

Step 3: Get rid of rotten plants. As your business grows, get rid of the clients that just aren’t worth your time.

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Step 4: Get rid of the weeds — get rid of anything in your garden that isn’t a pumpkin. Get rid of anything and everything that can become a distraction for your business (even when it’s disguised as an opportunity).

Step 5: Find your best pumpkins, keeping only one on each vine. Who are your top clients? Keep those around and remove any clients that don’t show as much promise.

Step 6: Focus on the biggest pumpkin in the patch. Give your top clients all your attention. Figure out what they are looking for and, if it matches with what your business provides, make sure to give them exactly what they want.

Step 7: Watch your pumpkins grow. Take a step back and watch your business expand right before your eyes.

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