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The Cost of Job Stress [infographic]


Job stress can cost businesses a lot more than an anxious worker. According to the infographic below from Top 10 Online Colleges, job stress can hinder workers’ ability to solve problems, make them less productive and cause higher absenteeism. All of this can cost U.S. organizations $300 billion a year.

The top five causes of job stress include job pressure, money, health, personal relationships and poor nutrition, research reveals. Stress also hinders employees’ ability to think creatively and come up with new ideas. That’s because it triggers the part of the brain that tells us there is danger, which stops people from being able to think rationally. It also stops people from being able to see different viewpoints and makes people obsess about small details instead of the whole picture.

Employers can help reduce some of the stresses their workers have in the office. Make sure employee workloads coincide with individual capabilities, give employees the opportunity to grow within the company and make sure job responsibilities are clearly outlined. Employees can also take charge of their own stress by taking supplements regularly, getting regular exercise and doing something relaxing like yoga or meditation.

Learn more about the costs of job stress in the infographic below.

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