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PayScale Teams Up With Nokia’s JobLens App to Revolutionize Mobile Job Searching


Good news for job hunters in the UK – the job hunt just got a whole lot easier and more convenient thanks to JobLens, a Nokia mobile app that helps job seekers locate opportunities based on their location and social media networks. The app has partnered with key companies such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and (most importantly) PayScale to make the job search to application process seamless. Learn about this app for a peek into the future of job hunting.


With its social media syncing capabilities, JobLens bridges the gap between the plethora of information on the candidate’s social media profiles and his or her job searching process. There is no need to create an entirely new profile on JobLens because the app syncs with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Windows Live to pull all the relevant data necessary to locate job openings. Nokia’s Matt Collins states that JobLens “[w]ill leverage your social networks to help you get as close as you can to the hiring manager, which is really important because just knowing where a job is or knowing what a job is and knowing how to apply is only part of the way.” Collins goes further to say, “The most successful job outcomes happen when you know someone and the power of social networks enable you to do that.”

There are two ways to job search on JobLens:

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Augmented reality view – Uses the person’s location to find job openings and companies hiring in the vicinity. So, if you’re visiting a city that you wish to work in, then you simply open the JobLens app and all available opportunities around you will appear. You will then have the option to view “Jobs” or “Companies” to help you narrow down the options. 

Top-down map view – The app has mobile map integration that serves as a means to see where the job is located (proximity to the user) as well as a navigation tool to help the candidate get to the interview on time.


Here’s a laundry list of all the perks JobLens adds to the mobile job searching experience:

  • Find positions that are right for you
  • Identify people in your social network who can connect you to the hiring manager
  • Create and store your resume/CV
  • Apply to the job
  • Get directions to the interview
  • Get up-to-date news and information about employers you like
  • Learn about job location demographics and employment trends in your field (PayScale being part and parcel of that perk!)
  • Save jobs you like and track your progress


(From Windows Phone App Store)

But, there are a few small, tiny, minuscule catches – JobLens is a Nokia Lumia exclusive app and currently only fully functioning in the UK. However, if the rave reviews from the Brits are any indication of the app spreading its glory into the US and Canadian territories, then things are definitely looking promising, people. Hang tight.

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