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Online Interviewing: Why Body Language Means Everything


Don’t bother ironing your slacks for your next job interview, because you probably won’t need them. Now that employers have opted for virtual interviews, you can probably get away with looking professional from the waist up. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to body language, however.

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Web conferencing software provider PGI recently released an infographic explaining why online job interviews have become all the rage for employers since 2011:

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74 percent of recruiters say video interviews make their jobs easier;

88 percent of recruiters say online interviews save them money;

90 percent of recruiters say video interviewing reduce their time spent to fill positions

66 percent of candidates prefer to use video during the interview process.

With numbers like that, it’s no surprise recruiters and candidates prefer the convenience and rapidness of virtual interviews. Additionally, because interviewees will be in a more familiar setting during a video conference (i.e. the comfort of their own homes), they tend to be less intimidated, and can focus on conveying a positive first impression.

The infographic explains that positive body language is key during these online interviews, noting that things like leaning back in your chair or not making enough eye contact could disrupt your chances at impressing the interviewer(s). So, sit up tall, be genuine, and confidently lean forward, because those small actions may just get you hired!

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(Infographic Credit: PGI)

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Tim Davis

Preliminary interviews online do make economic sense and saves time & energy, but follow up interviews would reap more information if done in person. The main proviso, would be if the interviewee or applicant is in a different city, state or country.

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