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Inside the Mind of a Successful Manager [infographic]


A successful manager is one who has a low turnover of employee because of his or her ability to be approachable and compassionate toward the team. They do not, however, micromanage, dictate or make work life uncomfortable for those around them. The infographic below from Pepperdine University takes you inside the mind of a successful manager.

The personality of a great manager includes a good work ethic, natural leadership, a genuine interest in helping others and the goal of finding the right solutions. They also gain employees’ trust with simple skills like listening, being creative in problem-solving, and the ability to inspire their team.

It is also important that managers find ways to unify the entire team. They can do this by helping the entire team set their sights on what is right, rather than what the manager wants done right now. A great manager is also one that is able to compromise with the team. While following your own instincts is important, it is also vital to trust your team and allow them to make a few decisions as well. Lastly, a great manager encourages the team to think for themselves, rather than constantly relying on the manager for solutions.

Learn more about what makes a successful manager in the infographic below.

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