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How to Negotiate a Higher Salary [infographic]


Many people are not satisfied with their current salary, especially as the cost of living continues to rise. However, asking for a raise and negotiating the appropriate salary is a task most will shy away from. The infographic below from Grad School Hub gives you tips and tricks on how to become a pro at negotiating a higher salary.

Many companies will not even offer pay raises, simply because they will leave it up to employees to ask. When you do ask, aim high. Don’t undervalue yourself. However, don’t count on getting a raise unless you excel at your job. That means you have to speak up and volunteer for new opportunities. You should also track your own worth by taking note of all your achievements at the company and set goals for yourself.

When asking for a raise in salary, make sure to do some planning first. Know your job description and research what the company’s policies are on compensation. Give yourself an evaluation — what are your strengths and weaknesses in your current position? And, do a bit of research on your industry — how much do people in your position at other companies get paid?

Learn more about how to negotiate a higher salary in the infographic below.

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