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New CEO? Here’s Who He’ll Fire First


If the CEO jumps ship or gets asked to leave, will you be forced to follow suit? If you’re on the senior management team, the answer could be yes. It all depends on what your job is and whether the CEO comes from inside or outside of the company.

A recent survey by RHR International looked at which executives were likely to lose their jobs in the event of a shakeup at the top of the chain. Sarah Green at Forbes looked at the results, and found that, by and large, outsider CEOs were more likely to replace management positions. The exceptions were CMO/Chief Brand Officer, COO, Function or Business Unit Leader, and Chief Legal Officer. For those roles, chances of survival were slimmer with an insider CEO.

Here’s what both types of chief executive had in common, regardless of where they came from: when asked later, they both said they wished they’d acted sooner.

“When they look back, and you ask them what you would have done differently, they almost always say, ‘I knew in my gut that was not going to work with that individual, and I wish I had trusted that gut feeling and made that decision faster,'” Dr. David Astorino, Global Practice Leader for Senior Team Effectiveness at RHR told Green. “By delaying the transformation of a particular function or business unit, they’re now six months behind.”

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