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Chocolate Isn’t Good Enough: Become an Ice Cream Guru


Ben & Jerry’s is only one company that employs ice cream gurus. If you really love eating ice cream, there are plenty of employers out there willing to pay you to do it. Add this to the list of wacky and wonderful jobs.

Ben & Jerry’s employs five flavor gurus who enjoy the privilege of creating and tasting various and sundry possible new ice cream flavors. Sometimes they call themselves “creamologists,” and they always admit that playing with your food is a job requirement.

Peter is one such ice cream guru. He claims on his flavor guru bio page that his job title is “primal ice cream therapist,” and encourages others to scream for primal ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s has yet to develop a primal flavor, however.

The cool jobs are not all at Ben & Jerry’s. Culinary Institute of America graduate Jacob Freisthler works as an ice cream flavor developer for Jeni’s ice cream. His title is not as fun as guru or primal ice cream therapist, but the job tastes just as fun.

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Education is a wonderful thing, but even without the fancy degree you may be able to make money designing ice cream flavors. For example, Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn serves a flavor called The Munchies, which is ice cream loaded with baked clusters of Ritz crackers, potato chips, butter-soaked pretzels, and mini M&Ms. Yum. I’m guessing that whoever designed it was not utilizing his or her classroom experiences during development.

The owners of Malu Homemade Ice Cream in Long Island City developed a one flavor (if you can call it that) while looking for a way to reduce waste. When they have leftover ice cream, they combine it all in one tub and call it “Dirty Spoon” ice cream. And they keep doing it, because it remains popular with their customers.

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