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CARROT: An App to Get Your Lazy Butt in Gear


Need a jerk to be mean to you until you get work done? Meet CARROT, the answer all your procrastination woes. In part one of a series on productivity apps, I take a look at CARROT: The To-Do List with a Personality.

CARROT is a simple, interactive to-do list application with a snarky personality. CARROT has a geeky sense of humor and rewards your productivity with gifts (like a kitty!), random fortunes, sarcastic praise, and unlockable features. Fail to be productive, and CARROT will mock and threaten you.

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Bored? CARROT will offer up some suggestions when you type in a special command. Here are some of CARROT’S ideas for me:

Not to be outdone, I created several more items that I would never complete, and then failed to accomplish anything for days just to see what would happen. CARROT became wrathful and tried to publically shame me. And remember my kitty? Let’s just say that an angry CARROT is not a good pet-sitter….


  • Simple interface with easy-to-learn gesture commands.
  • Brings humor and intrigue to your to-do list, making an otherwise boring part of life more fun.
  • Encourages you to accomplish tasks with challenges and unlockable features.


  • You need to unlock basic features like editing and deleting tasks.
  • You can opt out of the public shaming, making it an empty threat.
  • Potentially too fun that you end up wasting time in the long run.

Bottom line: If you want to liven up your to-do list and you enjoy sarcasm and geeky humor, then this app is a nice option. At $1.99, it’s more expensive than scratch paper or a free app, but CARROT is more clever and amusing than the back of an envelope. As long as you’re not a more tender-hearted fellow or lady, you’ll enjoy using this app.

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