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Career Options for Aspiring Accountants [infographic]


A career in accounting can be quite lucrative and satisfying in all aspects. The infographic below from the University of Alabama outlines seven career paths for accountants. To begin a career in accounting, you will typically need a bachelor’s degree in business economics or accounting. You will also need a related certification, like the certified public accountant (CPA) designation.

One career option for aspiring accountants is to become a forensic accountant. In this position, you would be working closely with law enforcement and businesses during criminal investigations by evaluating their financial records. This person must be very detail-oriented, but the average salary for this type of job is $72,000 a year.

Another career option for accountants is becoming a financial accountant. In this position, your job would largely involve preparing financial sheets such as flowcharts and balance sheets. This person helps businesses by reporting on their financial performance. A financial accountant makes an average salary of $61,000 a year.

Learn more about the career options for aspiring accountants in the infographic below.

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