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Can You Get Fired Via Text?


Once upon a time, it was considered poor etiquette to deliver bad news in any other way but in person, or at the very least, over the phone. You certainly wouldn’t, for example, expect to get a Post-It note from the boss telling you that you no longer had a job. But thanks to our ever-growing reliance on mobile technologies, it’s now possible for your boss to fire you without looking you straight in the eye, listening to your voice, or even putting pen to paper.

Juan Michael Porter II, a performer in New York, tells the Wall Street Journal that he was fired earlier this month — via text message.

“We hear about people breaking up in text messages, and we think that’s tacky, but to be fired, I just couldn’t believe it,” he says.

Porter isn’t the only person to be fired through SMS. The Journal reports that the owner of a restaurant in Winter Park, Fla. shuttered his business earlier this month, and notified his entire staff by text.

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The Wall Street Journal notes that a few isolated incidents hardly constitute a trend — yet. However, it seems to us that as people grow more reliant on technology like texting and less comfortable with calling people up, it’s possible that we’ll see more of this sort of thing in the future.

In most places in the U.S., it’s not illegal to fire an employee via text, provided that all other terms of their contract are met. If you’re at at-will employee, for example, it’s perfectly legal for your employer to fire you at any time, for any reason. (Or none at all.)

Legalities aside, it’s obviously a pretty unprofessional way to do business. The only good news for you if you are fired over text is that you can console yourself with the fact that a manager who would terminate someone in that way probably wouldn’t have your best interests at heart.

Regardless of how you found out you were fired, remember that you have rights as a terminated employee. Don’t assume that you’re not eligible for unemployment or other benefits. Know what you’re owed, and move on with a sense of purpose.

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I was fired through text Message because of my anxiety disorder.


I was just fired through a text from a nursing home that I had been at for well over a year. I had broken my arm and was on medical leave. Last week my medical leave ended and my don told me that my TB had expired. So first thing Monday morning I went in to the facility to have it done but they did not have the equipment and told me to come back Wed. Well here it is… Read more »

Jay matthews
Jay matthews

I just this morning got fired from a job via text because I’ve suffered an injury which has made it impossible for me to work temporarily and have been prescribed codeine for the pain. I think it’s highly unacceptable and unprofessional to fire someone via text especially when there’s a legit reason for them being off.


Can an emoyer fire someone due to a side effect of a medication. Side effect slows you down.

G Solestad
G Solestad

I think it is cowardly and stupid. Look at the bad will this sort thing produces. When you consider that Juan Michael Porter II has reportedly had a 10 year association with these H.T. Chen & Dancers and that this is the way his manager chose to end that association it is all but impossible to avoid the urge to scream. My blood boils over this lack of concern and kindness. I don’t know how Porter feels but if this… Read more »

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