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‘All Staff’ Tumblr Account Parodies Ridiculous Companywide Emails


A new Tumblr blog is dedicated to the many annoying and often ridiculous emails that are sent companywide. This one goes beyond getting stuck in a ‘reply all’ chain that doesn’t involve you — these are emails that should really not have been sent at all (but may provide some comedic relief during your workday).

All staff. All day. was created by one person who is seemingly tired of the annoying emails sent to the entire company he or she works for. Most of the emails posted involved odd requests from fellow employees who are searching for random items.

“Hi all, I’m trying to locate approx. 10 premium 3D glasses. Catch is I need them today,” one email reads.

Another email has one employee admitting to an embarrassing mishap. “Has anyone got a spare pair of trousers? I split mine doing a big lunge.”

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To see more companywide emails with bizarre requests (bonus: the email text is paired with hilarious visuals), visit All staff. All day.

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