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5 Tips to Make Coworking Work for You


Utilizing a coworking space has many benefits for small and large businesses alike. It can help get the creative juices flowing, become a great networking tool and can even boost morale. If you’re unsure about entering the realm of coworking, check out five tips below to learn how to make it work.

1. Start with an icebreaker. Whether you are going in alone or with a small group, an icebreaker to introduce yourself to the group can go a long way. Let people know who you are and what you’re working on; bringing along a few snacks to share doesn’t hurt either.

2. Make use of private spaces. Most coworking spaces will have a room dedicated to meetings. If you need to confer with your team, make a phone call or participate in a virtual meeting, make use of these rooms so you’re not disturbing others.

3. Collaborate with your coworking buddies. One of the biggest benefits of coworking is the ability to network and share ideas with others using the space. Make use of the unique set of skills that each person possesses and maybe even learn a few new business strategies.

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4. Embrace the chaos. A coworking space will come with a lot more noise than you are probably used to during working hours. Just because the space doesn’t feel totally normal and comfortable at first, try to let go of any preconceived notions you have. Embrace the chaos of a coworking space and you might just find the creative juices flowing.

5. Keep things neat and clean. There’s nothing worse than sharing a workspace with someone who isn’t tidy. Keep your area clean — it is not only respectful to the others around you, but it also serves as an inviting place for others to come by and connect with you.

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