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10 Social Media Tips to Get You Hired [infographic]


You know all those posts where we talk about how social media can help candidates during their job searches? Well, here’s another one … except this time, it’s in a pretty, user-friendly infographic format published by REED Global. Take a quick peek to discover just how beneficial social media can be for the determined job hunter.

Networking is a vital component in landing a job in today’s market. Having a few tricks up your sleeve will help get you noticed online and offline. According to REED Global‘s infographic, social media has helped one in six job seekers land their current job position and one out of seven people who are referred by a friend or colleague get hired. Get a pen and paper out …  it’s time to take some get-noticed-and-get-hired notes!

Job hunting? Here are 10 social media tips to help you stand out

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10 Social Media Tips to Get You Hired [infographic]

(Photo Credit: REED Global Website, susamayah_/Flickr)

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