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‘Working Class Foodies Cookbook’ Review


Working families have the added task of feeding everybody at the end of the day. Frozen and microwaveable meals offer convenience, but are often lacking in both flavor and nutrition. Some of us have a taste for gourmet food, but we are busy, and can’t necessarily eat in a high-end restaurant every evening. We shouldn’t have to give up good food.

“The Working Class Foodies Cookbook: 100 Delicious Seasonal and Organic Recipes for Under $8 per Person,” by Rebecca Lando, is the answer to this dilemma.

Lando teaches her readers to stock the pantry with fresh, in-season foods with which to feed themselves and their family. Sometimes Lando’s book reads like a modern-day “Joy of Cooking” for working people. She even includes information about efficiency and time management while cooking. For example, if you are going to boil water for pasta, steam the vegetables over the same pot of water.

Lando’s book is chock-full of gourmet recipes for fresh vegetables, meats, and vegetarian dishes for those who cannot spend all day, every day in the kitchen. She teaches you how to make your own quick, fresh sauces and, if you choose, how to make them in bulk and can them on the weekend.

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Pizza night becomes a healthy dinner with Lando’s help. Throw together her Margherita pizza instead of buying a greasy, take-out pie. Lando’s creativity with ingredients for a quick salad are mind-boggling, not to mention delicious. 

The more we eat processed foods for convenience, the more our health deteriorates. Heart problems, obesity, and diabetes are among the diseases linked to poor diet and too much salts, fats, and sugars found in processed foods. Eating healthier is good for you today and good for your future health care costs. 

A busy working life is no reason to subsist on overly processed, less nutritious food. Now you can work well and eat well, too.

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