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The 5 Best Places for Recent College Graduates [infographic]


If you recently graduated from college, you’re facing a bewildering combination of freedom and constraint. Technically, you could go anywhere, but in reality, you probably want to find a place to live that combines the two most elusive factors in any living situation: reasonable rent and ample professional opportunity.

Which is why’s infographic is worth looking at. By evaluating states and metropolitan areas by unemployment rates, job availability, median rent, and median income, they found the best bets for recent grads (who are, as they point out, not only looking for work, but often cash-strapped while they’re doing it).

Here are the top five states, based on their criteria. Take a peek at the full infographic, below, for more data on the best places for new grads.

1. Wyoming

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Unemployment 4.9 percent
Median rent $700
Median income $47,851

2. Virginia

Unemployment 5.3 percent
Median rent $989
Median income $44,762

3. New Hampshire

Unemployment 5.7 percent
Median rent $918
Median income $44,084

4. Minnesota

Unemployment 5.4 percent
Median rent $757
Median income $42,843

5. North Dakota

Unemployment 3.3 percent
Median rent $564
Median income $40,596

Of course, if you’re just starting your college search, you might want to position yourself near one of these areas, so that you’ll have a shorter trip when you’re done. Our College Selector Tool will help you choose a school based on school type, geographic location, student body demographics, and a host of other factors. And keep your eyes peeled for our College Salary Report, coming out this September.


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