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Online Reputation Management for Fortune 500 Companies [infographic]


Is it possible to be too big for your britches? Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing to consumers, but what is the online reputation for some of world’s Fortune 500 companies? This Trackur infographic sheds some light on the situation.

What people say about you matters. Seventy percent of people say that what their friends and family say about businesses matters, while 90 percent say that online reviews matter. Maybe someone should have told this to Progressive Insurance. When a woman was killed in an accident, the woman’s family tried to collect on her policy. Progressive then sided with the accused killer of the driver to not have to cover the policy. This caused an outrage across the Internet.

Target executives seem to know how to handle their business. The company has earned a reputation for being accessible and fun. Not only do they use their Facebook and Twitter outreach to connect with customers, they also use it to give money to people and places in need, such as schools.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on online business reputations.

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