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Majority of Americans Want Benefits for Same-Sex Partners


More than half of American workers believe employers should offer benefits to same-sex partners. The information comes from a national poll of American workers commissioned by Workplace Options.

Fifty-four percent of respondents feel that employers should extend health insurance benefits to same-sex partners. Twenty-six percent said their company already offers health insurance to same-sex partners, while 38 percent said their company did not. Another 36 percent were not sure of their company’s policies on the matter.

“Most Americans believe employers should provide health insurance for same-sex partners, but only a small percentage of people polled said that their employers offer it,” said Dean Debnam, the CEO of Workplace Options, in an emailed press release. “With things like the Affordable Care Act and a DOMA ruling on the horizon, now is a good time for companies to reevaluate their benefit offerings and make sure that employees understand them.” (This morning, the Supreme Court ruled DOMA unconstitutional.)

The poll also found that more than half of workplaces have an anti-discrimination policy, while another 60 percent said their work environment is supportive of gay and lesbian employees. However, 42 percent of respondents did not support same-sex marriage themselves and 37 percent do not think they have any gay or lesbian coworkers.

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