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How to Find a Rockstar Virtual Assistant [infographic]


Finding the right job candidate is never an easy feat, especially when you are looking for a virtual assistant. It’s often hard to let go of the idea of doing everything yourself and hiring someone that you may never meet in person. Tech Edge Media put together the below infographic to help you find the best virtual assistant around.

Before even beginning your search, you should make a list of every single thing you do in your day. Then, circle just one item on your list that you feel comfortable delegating to someone else. For that single task, write a to-do list of what it takes to complete it.

Next, it’s time to find your assistant. Make a budget and figure out how much you can allocate to hiring someone. To start searching for candidates, head to websites like eLance, Upwork (formerly oDesk) and The Nerdery where you can post a listing for the task you need completed. Of the candidates that reply to your post, choose two and have them complete the exact same tasks for a period of one week. Compare the two and hire the one that produced better work.

Learn more about hiring a virtual assistant in the infographic below.

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Mariane Lacaba
Mariane Lacaba

I agree that it is really hard to find for a virtual assistant who can help you in just about everything. Not even getting someone from ODesk or Elance can guarantee that you’d be able to get yourself a rockstar VA. Hiring an online worker comes with providing training and decent amount of time to learn. Although the tasks may be the same, different companies do the same task differently. The idea of getting two or maybe three VAs can… Read more »

Jasper Biag
Jasper Biag

Inforgraphics are a good way to explain the topic visually. Its also easy to understand because of the images together with some description. And your article and Infographics is a good example of one, it’s very informative and easy to understand.

I suggest to add “good communications with the VA’s” wrong description of the task may endanger the task itself causing wasted time and wrong outputs. Other than that thank you for the very well made article.


very nice and clear article.. thank for the information provided

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