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Half of Americans Want to Be Entrepreneurs


Nearly half of Americans would rather be entrepreneurs than work for someone else, and seven out of 10 entrepreneurs say they would start their business all over again. The data comes from Constant Contact, which conducted a study of more than 900 correspondents.

This information is a surprising considering the fact that more than half of business owners say that it is harder to run their business today because of the current economical climate, new technology and a rise in competition. Other challenges cited by business owners include keeping current customers and finding enough time in the day to get everything done.

While technology was cited as a challenge, many (30 percent) business owners said it helped their business in finding new customers and for marketing purposes.

“Supporting local [businesses] is a growing consumer trend,” Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact told Mashable. “The national discussion about the importance of small businesses to our economic recovery has raised awareness, as have shop-local movements like Small Business Saturday. Local and mobile search is also making it easier for small businesses to reach consumers.”

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It seems owning a small business has become part of the American dream. More than half of small business owners said they had been thinking about starting their own venture for more than two years, and 31 perent said they had been considering the option for five years or more.

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