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Entrepreneur to Launch Startup From a Tent in the Woods


An Internet startup can survive on very little. All it needs for sustenance is a working laptop, batteries for said laptop, good Wi-Fi, and a great idea. One developer from Sweden is testing just how little his startup needs by quitting his job, getting rid of his apartment and heading into the woods to live and work out of a tent.

Thomas Backlund’s home office is quite unlike what most of us are used to.

“I power my laptop, phone and external battery with two portable Brunton 62 Watt solar panels,” he said. “I cook nice food on my Primus OmniLite stove. I live in a comfortable Hilleberg tent. I carry 35kg in a Norrona Recon backpack.”

In a recent interview, Backlund stayed pretty quiet about the brilliant idea that caused him to decide paying rent was just not worth the money. He said he is coding something that will bring “software development to the masses.” He added that he refuses to return to the civilized world until his product is off the ground.

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However, in a recent post on his blog, Backlund introduces readers to, describing it as “a platform for coders and interested to build back-end services really quickly by combining blocks for functionality and connecting them together in a flow using a visual interface.”

To stay up-to-date with Backlund’s adventures, he will be posting biweekly updates on his website.

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