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5 Ways to Help Employees Transition to a Managerial Promotion


Every worker loves getting a promotion, which can lead them to higher peaks in their careers, a better salary and more benefits. However, a promotion is also cause for a lot of stress for employees who are transitioning into a new role, especially when that role is managerial. Here are five waysemployers can help make the transition a little smoother.

Don’t Stereotype

People tend to look to employees who possess certain qualities when attempting to fill a leadership position, whether it’s a degree from a particular management school or their appearance. You might find great potential in a person with low experience or in someone who might never have considered a leadership position before.

Have a Practice Run

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If an employee is up for a leadership position, give them the chance to practice being in the manager’s shoes. Internal projects are a great way to see if the worker will shine as a leader, but gives them a safe environment to do it in.

Utilize Middle Managers

A great way to make the transition to manager a little easier is by having middle managers in place, especially for larger companies. This gives employees the opportunity to manage a smaller team before moving to managing entire departments.

Role Play

This might seem silly, but role-playing can give new managers a better idea of what is expected of them in their new roles. This can show the recently promoted employees that it is okay to give feedback and how to delegate tasks.

Follow Up

Once training is over and the new manager has had some time to adjust to their new role, check in with them on a regular basis to find out how they are doing and to make sure they are not feeling overwhelmed. It might also be beneficial to provide ongoing coaching for managers every few months.

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