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5 Tips for Protecting Your Online Reputation During a Job Search


Graduates everywhere are embarking on the job search of all job searches, figuring out where their postsecondary education can take them and learning how to get there. But as any college student knows, in the middle of all the studying done over the last four years, there were a lot of debaucherous nights that may have been documented online. Unfortunately for these individuals, potential employers will search for applicants’ names in search engines, and some of those embarrassing photos from those nights you can’t remember are going to come back and haunt you. TrustedID has provided a few tips for how to take control of your online reputation before you begin your job search.

  • Take a look through your social media profiles (even the ones that you think no one will be able to find). Delete any links that might be thought of as inappropriate and get rid of any incriminating photos that don’t paint you in the right light.
  • If you haven’t done so already, take a look at your settings and make your profiles private. You may have deleted the things you don’t want people to see, but that doesn’t mean they are actually gone (this is the Internet, after all). Make sure you can control who sees what.
  • Be sure to follow industry leaders and potential mentors on social media. This will show that you actually have an interest in the field and that you are passionate about it.
  • Don’t forget about LinkedIn. This professional social networking website can open up amazing opportunities for you. Set up a profile, highlight your achievements and accolades, and begin friending the right people.
  • Finally, do a Google search on yourself. What are the top 10 results that come up? These are the things recruiters will see, so make sure each hit says something positive about you.

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