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Yahoo Crew Breaks Fashion Stereotypes


Thoughts of Internet startups often bring to mind images of college students armed with Starbucks coffee cups and smart phones, lounging about in hoodies and Chuck Taylors. In fact, it is either this image or the image of Star Trek pajamas, that a lot of people would associate with anyone whose job has anything to do with the Internet. At Yahoo, however, the office gear is a little different.

In Robin Kawakami’s recent roundup of Yahoo fashion, it is clear that the work clothes of Internet startups has evolved from the casual look to more of a designer suit-yet-approachable look. The look, although super professional, seems to allow the staff to present themselves as serious and professional, yet creative and fun.

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(Photo Credit:  By asobuno/Wikimedia Commons) 

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The fashion style of the Yahoo staff may surprise you.

  • Edwin Wong, Director of Market Research, Versace glasses and Lands’ End suits, but will switch it up with what he calls “Mr. Rogers cool.”
  • Farnoosh Torabi, Host of “Financially Fit” on Yahoo Finance – “pop of color,” “accessible chic.”
  • Sandy Gould, SVP of Talent Acquisition – colorful sneakers “I’m a sneaker freak…Whether I’m in a suit or casual clothing, whether I’m going to a meeting with Marissa or a board, I’ll always wear sneakers.”
  • Lyndsey Parker, Managing Editor for Yahoo Music – leggings or skinny jeans, vintage rock t-shirts “I hit the motherlode one day when I was at my parents’ house and literally found a trash bag and it was filled with 80s T-shirts…”.
  • Jennifer Romolini, Editor in Chief of Yahoo Shine – pretty and powerful. “I want to make sure I can walk into any room, but at the same time I don’t want to take myself too seriously or take fashion too seriously.”

Still, a wide range of fashion at Yahoo, but one thing mentioned by a few of the staff was the blazer. As Erin McPherson, VP of Yahoo Video says, “…you always want to have that blazer, at least, in your office to look put together.” Surely a sign of how much things have changed in the world of internet startups.

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