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Women Are More Stressed Than Ever [infographic]


We’ve all heard about how difficult our ancestors had it. For some of us, it was Grandma washing clothes out of a washtub by the river. For others, it was the good ‘ol “walking miles to school knee-deep in snow” story. So women today should have it easy, right? Not so fast, according to this HeartMath infographic.

Unlike a lot of the women who came before us, we now have external pressures that have more than made up for the convenience of modern living. Don’t get us wrong — we wouldn’t give up our dishwasher for anything. However, having to now be the breadwinner, the PTA mom, the successful career woman and the doting wife has definitely taken its toll.

Back in 1998, only 38 percent of women had to work in order to contribute to their family’s income. Today, that numbered has jumped to nearly half. The recession has contributed greatly to the need for an additional income. For many of us, our income may be the only one we have. No wonder why there’s so much stress being felt.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on women and stress.

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