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TripIt Pro: Say Goodbye to the Middle Seat


If you travel for business, you know how important it is to be relatively comfortable while you fly. For most of us, this depends on choosing our seats well. The long-legged, for example, often prefer to sit in an aisle seat; those who enjoy a mid-flight nap often want the window, where their travel pillow fits perfectly between their shoulder and the wall. And almost no one wants the middle seat, which pretty much guarantees that you’ll arrive at your destination rumpled and annoyed, instead of ready to wheel and deal. Fortunately, there’s a 21st-century solution to this age-problem.

Lifehacker recently covered a service called TripIt, which organizes your tickets, travel itinerary, and reservations. The Pro version includes an extra-nifty functionality: the ability to track your seating preferences and alert you when a better option becomes available on your flight.

“The new seat tracker is only available to TripIt Pro users ($49/yr, 30-day free trial available), which is well worth the money if you do any regular traveling,” Alan Henry writes. “TripIt Pro also includes check-in reminders, live fare tracking so you always get the best price, and push notifications of any changes in your itinerary, like flight cancellations, delays, or other alerts.”

Even if you don’t feel like ponying up for the turbo version, you can use TripIt to organize your schedule, directions, reservations, and even weather forecasts. The only thing the service doesn’t do is change your seat for you — for that, you’ll still need to log onto your carrier’s website.

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