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Stress and Late Nights Make You Poor [infographic]


Poor financial decisions can actually lead to sleepless nights. Some might say it’s an unforeseen force, but it’s very true that debt and financial concerns can wreak havoc on the old conscience. That doesn’t mean any of us are innocent, as this infographic proves.

First of all, both stress and lack of sleep can make you poor. Don’t believe us? How about the fact that 69 percent of those surveyed said that money concerns were the biggest stress factor to them.

Here’s the crazy part. Do you think it’s more detrimental to sleep a longer amount of time or not at all? We admit this is a loaded question. People who slept less than seven hours and those who did not sleep for more than 48 hours have the same cognitive thinking skills. Maybe this is the case for all-nighters, although we’re not placing any bets behind it.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on stress and late nights.

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Christopher Patton

I understood that one’s mindset is the foundation for poverty and wealth. If people think like a poor person, they tend to handle their finances like a poor person. I’d like to switch my mindset from that of a middle class citizen to a millionaire’s thinking.However, I never heard that sleep deprivation can cause a “poor man’s” thinking. Lately, I’ve been going to sleep after 2:00 AM. I got to get back in the habit of sleeping no later than… Read more »

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