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Seasonal Job Prospects Are Looking Good This Summer


CNN Money reports that summer hiring is expected to rise more than usual.

Restaurants, fast food, and retail businesses are known for bringing in summer help. The increased business that comes with good weather and tourists, combined with kids being out of school and wanting to work, makes for a great combination almost any summer.

It seems that many major retailers got rid of permanent jobs toward the end of this past winter. Ironically, this bodes well for those seeking summer employment. Many company executives would rather pay temporary employees during the busy months and have no ongoing obligation to them. Seasonal employees do not receive benefits; therefore, even if the hourly wage is competitive, the seasonal employee saves the company money.

Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot, and Marshall’s are just a few of the companies expected to add a substantial seasonal workforce this summer.

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Summer of 2013 will be an excellent time for teenagers and those with no work experience to land a job, at least for the season. Those who need experience are well-advised to politely request a letter of recommendation at the end of the season when the job ends. This could boost chances of getting a more permanent position, if the winter job market remains slim.

Whether you are a student hoping to save up for next year’s tuition, or a worker looking to earn extra funds over the summer, best practice is to apply immediately. Many managers prefer to have their staff and schedules for the summer set by the end of May.

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Is this sharp rise in summer hiring a good thing? Or is it simply a sign of the times that the good, permanent jobs with benefit packages are few and far between? Leave a comment below telling us your thoughts.

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