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Out-of-the-ordinary Job Opportunities on LinkedIn [infographic]


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, LinkedIn released an infographic revealing ads featuring everything from ninjas to Antarctica to Diane von Furstenberg. If job hunting hasn’t been promising lately, you may want to test your luck with these not-so-conventional opportunities that could possibly hold the key to your career success!

Will Work for Food

An internship is an excellent way for individuals to beef up their resumes and also gain experience in an industry of choice. According to the Out-of-the-ordinary Opportunities infographic, the internships that had the most views are: Marketing Internship for Walt Disney Company, Social Media Intern for Diane von Furstenburg, Legal Intern (Paris) for Google, and Congressional Liaison for the Federal Reserve Board.

Calling All Ninjas

Do You Know What You're Worth?

According to LinkedIn Jobs’ infographic, the demand for jobs with the word “ninja” in the title has seen an impressive jump in since a year ago, going from 230 opportunities Q1 of 2012 to 598 postings in Q1 of 2013. It may be surprising to discover that a vast majority of these postings do not require years of disciplined training in specialty warrior espionage and deception; instead, the job opportunities available are more common than one would think. After conducting a quick keyword search for “ninja” on LinkedIn’s job postings, I discovered that the results weren’t as “Bruce Lee” as I had anticipated. Here’s a quick run-down of the top “ninja” jobs and their traditional equivalents:

LinkedIn Opportunity

Equivalent (according to PayScale)

SEO Ninja

Senior SEO Manager

Platform Software ARM Optimization Ninja Engineer

Senior Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer Salary

Real Estate Recruiting Ninja

Sales and Marketing Manager (General)

Senior Java Ninja

Senior Java Developer

Cloud Security Ninja

Senior Systems Engineer

Willing to Relocate?

LinkedIn also has some noteworthy job opportunities that are sure to make interested candidates weigh a few options before signing on the dotted line. LinkedIn Jobs indicates that the most remote listing is for a Ground Electronics Technician in McMurdo Station, Antarctica; with the closest town located 2,172 miles away in Invercargill, New Zealand. “Excuse me, sir. Where’s the nearest Starbucks … or any ounce of civilization, for that matter?”

There is definitely a job out there for everyone, but it may be listed under a pseudonym or located in a far-off land. Regardless of the job title or location, it’s always important to know what your qualifications are worth when applying for a new position. PayScale offers a salary calculator to help professionals determine what they should be paid based on job title, years in field, and location. There is even an option to sign in through LinkedIn to save time. (Major plus.) Head over to see what your professional dollar value is and whether your salary reflects that or not.

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(Photo Credits: LinkedIn Jobs, NASA ICE/Flickr)

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