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Learn These Four People Styles to Increase Productivity


The people around you and the relationships you have with them have a big impact on how much you get done. While at work, having a good relationship with your coworkers is important because you will naturally be more productive. However, coming across colleagues who you just can’t seem to get along with is an unfortunate part of the territory — we’ve all either been there or will be there someday, and the outcome is usually less than ideal.

Robert Bolton and Dorothy Grover Bolton found a way for colleagues to learn how to work with each other, even in the most stressful of situations. In their book, “People Styles at Work,” they outline four different behavioural styles that give a better understanding of how people think.

People styles are measured by the degree of responsiveness and assertiveness. Assertive people tend to be energetic and are quick on their feet. Meanwhile, responsive people are more open with their emotions and show concern for others. It is also important to note that your people style is based on how others view you, not on your own perceptions of yourself.

The first people style is Analyticals. These are people who are both less assertive and less responsive. They don’t know emotion and are not likely to show excitement. On the other hand, they are very organized and work well from data. Because of this, they are slow decision-makers.

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Then, there are Amiables. These are people who are less assertive but more responsive. They have a friendly demeanor and work well in teams. As employees, Amiables tend to stick to doing what they are told and are diligent.

The third people style is Expressives, who are more responsive and more assertive. These are people who show their energy, are generally flamboyant and show empathy for others. They also make decisions on a whim because of how outgoing they are.

Lastly, we have Drivers. Drivers are less responsive but more assertive. They are great decision makers, and are able to focus their attention. They are energetic, but also purposeful and always to the point. However, drivers tend to care less about other people.

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