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How Unemployment Scams Are Costing Us Billions


The vast majority of people who are on unemployment are in desperate need of the help that their benefits can provide. Sadly, though, for the thousands that are honestly benefitting from the program, there are a handful of people that are taking advantage of the system.

A new report reveals that in 2011, unemployment insurance fraud cost the federal government a staggering $3.3 billion. The majority of those fraudulent claims originated from people who were actually working while collecting those additional benefits. What is perhaps most disheartening is the fact that those unlawful benefits prevented honest workers who legitimately needed the funds from being able to collect them.

It’s important to note that unemployment benefits are not a handout from the government. This is a type of insurance a worker and their respective employer pay into in case of an emergency due to a layoff. As many of us know all too well, the need for these benefits can come to fruition with little warning and very little rhyme or reason. Stopping the fraud aspect of the system is vitally important but it must be done in a way that doesn’t hinder the rights of those who honestly deserve to benefit from the program.

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