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How to Snag Your Dream Job Using Your Smartphone


In today’s highly competitive job market, snagging your dream career may seem like just another pipe dream. But, thanks to modern advances in mobile technology, it’s now easier than ever to make your career aspirations reality.

In a February 2013 Nielsen report, research found that 63 percent of Americans use their mobile phones to surf social networking websites, including LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world. 

Websites like LinkedIn and their mobile counterparts have made it simpler for job seekers to reach out to recruiters directly in order to stand out from the hundreds of applicants who are trying to land the same positions. In addition, social photo and video apps like Instagram and Vine have helped job applicants like Dawn Siff, create a social marketing buzz around their personal brands – getting them in front of the right people and land killer jobs. 

So, the next time you’re sitting on the bus or train during your morning commute to an uninspiring office, know that finding your dream career could be right at your fingertips. These tips will help you get started on the road to getting a more thrilling job that will keep you excited and satisfied for years to come. 

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Reach out to Recruiters 

Today’s recruiters know that their best candidates are using mobile phones to find job opportunities on not only LinkedIn, but Facebook and Twitter, too. Because of this, many recruiters are now creating social networking profiles geared specifically toward finding the best candidates for the jobs they need to fill. So, the next time a recruiter reaches out to you on LinkedIn or another social website, don’t just brush them off. Know that more than likely it’s not a scam, or spam, but a real person who thinks you have what it takes to work for the company they’re representing. 

Do yourself a favor and download mobile apps by LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook so you can receive push notifications as soon as a new opportunity arises. A good tip to help recruiters search for and find you is to create a keyword-friendly profile and headline across all of your public social profiles. 

Use Smart Job Hunting Apps 

Aside from the LinkedIn mobile app, there are many others you can use for job hunting. One of the most popular, Job Search, is supported by job hunting website, Use this simple application to create your resume and apply for jobs directly from your phone. This app also remembers your job searches and generates new postings from those searches each time you open up the app. 

Another super job hunting app option is Simply Hired. This iOS app aggregates jobs from multiple sites, so you only have to make one app pitstop. There are a slew of other smart mobile apps for job hunting, such as Glassdoor, Monster Jobs and Naukri. Your best bet when choosing which app to use is to try them out and see what works best for you. Many job hunting apps are free to use, making it easier for you to test them out. 

Stand out with Social Networking 

Chances are, you probably know more than a handful of people who have used social networking websites to land jobs. But, how did they do it? Simple: a smart social networking strategy. You don’t have to be a social marketing whiz to figure out how you can do it, too. After you clean up your social networking bios and upload a professional-looking headshot to each of them, let your friends and followers know that you’re in the market for a job and what you’re looking for. You may be surprised by how far these types of status updates can get you in your quest for that dream job of yours. 

Also, before you even submit your resume, look up the company recruiter or hiring manager on Twitter and LinkedIn. Then, reach out directly and start engaging. Let this person know why you’re the best candidate for the job and that your resume is on its way. The beauty of this type of engagement strategy is that it will connect you with people who might overlook you, otherwise. Another smart way to use social networking to land your dream career is to get involved in industry Twitter chats. Doing so will help you network with other job seekers in your field and get the attention of the right recruiters. 

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