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How to Become the Ideal Manager


Managing a team is not easy and it takes a certain set of characteristics and qualities to be a successful manager. These are usually adapted over time, after a few blunders and perhaps a complaint or two. Julie Zhuo, the product design director for Facebook, put together a Manager’s Manifesto to give herself a set of ideals to strive toward every day.

  1. Don’t make a decision without knowing the whole story.
  2. Everyone deserves a second, third and fourth chance. People make mistakes, but that’s how we learn and grow.
  3. Trust your employees. You can’t control everything, nor can you complete every task yourself.
  4. Coach your team members to be self-sufficient. Not only will this build a team that is able to work independently as well as in a team, it will also free up your time to do more important tasks.
  5. Making the best decision possible for your team and the company you work for means putting a decision-making process in place. Follow this process and you’ll always have the best outcome.

Zhuo also suggests that managers show their team members their appreciation the same way they would give their opinion on a project. However, if this opinion is not actually contributing to the topic at hand, you should just keep it to yourself. It’s also important not to disrupt the creative process, even if that means you are sitting in your office with nothing to do.

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