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Good Looks Lead to Higher Paychecks [infographic]


As you may have suspected, attractive people make more money. The question of whether or not prettier people, thinner people or just people who are more attractive than others are inherently prone to success has been debated for years. Numerous studies have shown however, that being attractive really does result in not only more attractive mates, but healthier and happier lives in general. And yes, even bigger salaries

According to research, the typical lifetime earnings difference between attractive and unattractive people is $230,000 with the hot side of the office earning 10-15% more than the not hot side. 

Even in football, attractive NFL quarterbacks earn approximately $300,000 more than their stats may have predicted. There is a salary advantage in less skilled quarterbacks, if they happen to look good.

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There is a slight difference however in the way that weight affects the salaries of women versus men. For instance, if a woman is an average weight and earns $40,000, women who are 70 pounds under that weight earn approximately $22,500 more. Yet, if an average weighing man earns $52,500, a man weighing 70 pounds lighter may experience a decrease in salary of approximately $17,500.  

Men who are 70 pounds overweight also earn more than an average weighing man by about $15,000, while a woman who weighs 70 pounds more than an average weighing woman makes considerably less – almost half as less. Also, height makes a difference in salaries for men as well. Men who are 6’ earn $5,525 more per year than those who are 5’5.

While height doesn’t seem to impact women as much as men, makeup does. In psychological tests, participants were asked to study faces for .25 seconds and then rate them in competence, likability, attractiveness and trustworthiness. In each area, “no-makeup” rated the lowest, followed by “natural” with “glamorous” rating the highest in all areas.

We can blame a number of sources for these ideas. But whether it is an obsession with celebrities or just society’s perception of attractive people being more capable, it’s important to teach our children and keep in mind that no pretty face or perfect body should ever trump hard work and a beautiful brain.

Take a look at the infographic below for more information on how beauty impacts salary.

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