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English Majors Can Earn Big Bucks If They Graduate From These Schools


When a student decides to pursue a degree in English and/or Humanities, the initial reaction that most people have is, “Well, what will you be doing with that degree?” The question comes because unless you plan on being a teacher, the assumption is that the degree won’t translate into a career the way that a more specialized degree such as engineering, business, or computer sciences might after graduation. Of course, there is also the question of return of your investment after you have your degree. Will majoring in English and/or Humanities give you the best return on your investment financially?

The answer, from the data that we’ve seen at Payscale, is yes. You don’t even have to go to an Ivy League school to get the most on your return from an English and/or Humanities undergraduate degree. A majority of the schools that will give you the best return on investment with your English degree are public, state schools. Here are the top public schools to pursue an English and Humanities major in every region.

Best College ROIs for English Majors

?     If you want to write your thesis on 19th century poetry in the sunshine on the West Coast, then put University of California – Berkeley at the top of your list. With a 30-year net return on investment of $900,000 and a graduation rate of 90 percent, it is the best public school on the West coast for English and Humanities Majors.

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?     On the opposite side of the country in the Southeast, James Madison University (JMU) is leading the public schools that will give you the biggest ROI on your English and Humanities degree. With an 81 percent graduation rate, your degree from JMU will earn you $868,600 after 30 years.

?     Go a little north, and Rutgers University – New Brunswick Campus is the place to be for those studying English and Humanities. The graduates from Rutgers University will see a 30-year ROI of $731,000.

?     If you’re heading to the Central South region, don’t forget to pack your cowboy boots for the Texas A&M University – Main Campus along with your literature. A four-year degree from Texas A&M will give English and Humanities major a $606,700 ROI on their investment.

?     With an 82 percent graduation rate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the public school of choice for English and Humanities majors in the Midwest. Graduates will see $499,000 as a return on their investment in 30 years.

?     University of Arizona will give graduates a 30-year ROI of $563,900 on their four-year investment.

Those figures look pretty good for those who are looking forward to getting a degree in English and Humanities. Regardless of degree, employers are looking for creative and focused employees, and an applicant with an English and Humanities degree will be able to give you just that.

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