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Employees Literally Jump Through Hoops for the Boss Tonight on Wipeout


If you think your boss makes you jump through hoops every day, you need to watch tonight’s episode of the ABC game show Wipeout.

It’s a special Boss & Employee edition with a twist. In the first round, the teams will have to work together to make it through obstacles such as Cuckoo Crazy and the Wipeout Break Room. From there, they’ll have to conquer the Miami Pound Machine and the last couples standing will head off to the nerd-infested IT City.


Making their way through the course are a pair of Crime Scene Investigators who are a little too excited about the disgusting aspects of their job. Then again, if you’re used to cleaning up body fluids, landing in the Wipeout mud hole is no big thing.

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If you want to learn how not to communicate in the workplace, pay close attention to the busted barber and her manager. After taking a tough beating, she lets loose with a long list of words you should never say at the office. . . or the barber shop.

A couple of Reverends try out the course, hoping for a little divine intervention but sadly, their lack of support is their downfall. . . literally.

If you really want to learn how not to handle yourself in the workplace, check out children’s entertainers who start their run by smacking each other on the backside. Not only is that inappropriate behavior for a boss and an employee, it’s doubly inappropriate from guys who work with kids. Cross these two off the party list.

There is one positive lesson you can learn from Wipeout; it’s good to be a clock watcher. Really. Because if you don’t watch the clock on this course, the time clock will be punching you.

Now, being an exemplary employee will only get you so far in this show, because once the teams reach the Wipeout Zone, it’s every boss and employee for himself. That’s right – they start off in teams, but only one contestant is heading home with $50,000.

For the bosses, this is a no-brainer. They’re used to being in charge and taking home the big bucks, so they won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to complete the course in record time. For the employees, it’s a different story. If they beat the boss, they could end up on the unemployment line in the morning. Of course, they’ll be sitting on a year’s pay, so maybe it’s not such a big deal.

Think any of the employees love their job enough to throw the win to the boss? Find out on tonight’s workplace episode of Wipeout. It airs at 8 pm on ABC.

What Do You Think?

Would you ever swim through a mud pit with your boss? What about for a chance at $50,000? Leave your yeah or nay in the comment section below.

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